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2011 Spring Bible Conference

Bible and Servants Mantle

The climax of the year at Appalachian Bible College is not the focus on individual accomplishments but rather on the enabling power of the Word of God. As a result, like years gone by, we conclude our time together with the Spring Bible Conference.

This years speakers, Alumnus and Missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Bill Lake and Pastor Keith Wiebe from Grace Bible Church, Huntington, WV, both brought distinct challenges from God's Word. First, Pastor Wiebe challenged all in attendance from the life of Joseph, specifically from Genesis 39. Second, Mr. Lake shared a series of messages from Isaiah 66:2 narrowing in on "What type of servant God is looking for?"

The answer, one that is not "self-absorbed, self-righteous, and self-governed." Through his messages Mr. Lake challenged students to examine themselves in the light of God's Word and see if they were conforming to it or making it conform to them.

We look forward to hearing Pastor Wiebe share one final time from the Scriptures tomorrow as he opens it and presents biblical truths for graduates as they set out to serve the Lord... Because Life is for Service.

Listen to the entirety of the Spring Bible Conference online soon!

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