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2013 Spring Bible Conference

Bible and Servants Mantle

As the suppression of truth increases in our culture the ministry of Appalachian Bible College remains steadfast in proclaiming the love of Christ based on the authority of God’s word. This has been evidenced throughout our Spring Bible Conference with special guests Pastor Larry Clouse and Dr. Rich Van Heukelum.

Setting out to emphasize our theme, Servants of Righteousness, they have both driven home the importance of boldly proclaiming the Gospel and living a life that mirrors God’s instructions. In addition, they have both modeled how sensitivity to God in prayer and actions is necessary for being a righteous servant.

Alumnus, Pastor Larry Clouse opened the Bible Conference Thursday morning by sharing his life testimony and walk with the Lord. His words echoed those of a recent article posted, That Men Would Praise the Lord, stemming from Psalm 107:8. His thoughts also included practical reflections on a biblical philosophy of ministry with a significant emphasis on church planting. Since that opening session Pastor Clouse has brought challenges from both Romans 1 and John 9.

Partnering with Pastor Clouse is friend of ABC, Dr. Rich Van Heukelum. Dr. Van Heukelum serves as the senior pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church in NJ. Dr. Van Heukelum focused on the question “But Why?” in relationship to the theme. Throughout his opportunities to speak he expounded on Paul’s witnessing in Athens (Acts 17), the Psalmist’s praise for God’s general and special revelation (Psalm 19), Judas’s betrayal of Jesus as a negative example of a righteous servant (Matthew), and God’s love for his children (Romans 8).

Pastor Clouse concluded the conference Friday evening from Romans 1:14-16 with an exhortation for all to share the message of Christ as servants of righteousness. In addition, he himself modeled how to clearly present the gospel through various means. One of those means being the wordless book app.

As we anticipate the continued focus on the goodness of God tomorrow during commencement, Dr. Van Heukelum will present the charge to the graduating class.

Listen to the entirety of the Spring Bible Conference online and view photos on our Facebook page.

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