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2013 Graduation Day!

Bible and Servants Mantle graduates

Speak with a college graduate and you’ll receive a variety of responses.
“It is finished!”
“I’m going to miss this place.”
“I wish it didn’t have to end.”
“This is only the beginning.”

ABC graduates are not unusual when it comes to sharing thoughts surrounding commencement day and many sentiments like these were expressed Saturday, May 4th. However, by God’s grace there is a distinction between their preparation and the preparation of so many others who will accomplish the feats of higher education.

This was evident even as the class of 2013 gathered to be honored by the campus family, loved ones, and friends. During their class program Friday afternoon class leaders emphasized that the members of this year's class desired to be “unified for the glory of God.”

Throughout the hour select graduates shared testimonies of the past four years and how they had seen each other endure challenging circumstances. Nonetheless, each testified to God’s grace enabling him or her to push forward, have compassion toward one another, and experience unity through the cross of Christ.

Like the pages of a book, the day turned to their final hours Saturday morning. Amongst the excitement that accompanies commencements there were tears of joy and a plethora of other emotions. However, the exhortation by commencement speaker, Dr. Richard Van Heukelum, echoed the words of Solomon in chapter 11, verses 1-6.

Dr. Van Heukelum summarized these words as follows: “risk, rejoice, and remember.” He emphasized God’s hand in each aspect, encouraging graduates to take risks as God leads, rejoice because God is the giver of joy, and remember, as Solomon says, “your Creator in your days of youth.”

Following this challenge from Scripture, the recipients of the Bible Certificate, the Associate of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Arts degree, and the Master of Arts degree were honored. Additional awards included the President’s Award (Isaac Fetterhoff), the Greek Award (James Lewis), the Theology Award (Abigail Alden), the Pastoral Award (Isaac Fetterhoff), the Danville Bible Baptist Church Mission Award (Abigail Alden), the Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society Award (Tom Finch and Isaac Fetterhoff), and this year’s Valedictorian (Isaac Fetterhoff).

As the graduates began their recessional, they were endowed with the Servant’s Mantle. With the graduation date and class verse hand-embroidered on it, this towel stands as a symbol of servanthood. In the center of the Servant’s Mantle is written “Trained to Serve,” acknowledging that the staff and faculty have fulfilled their purpose of “Educating and Equipping Servants for the Church of Tomorrow while Edifying the Church of Today.”

As staff and faculty we believe each of these servants are equipped to Think Biblically, Live Godly and Serve Practically... Because Life is for Service!

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