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Bible College News: A Global Gift


Teresa Figueroa (formerly Thompson) graduated 5 years ago from Appalachian Bible College. An MK from Chile, she had a heart for the people. After graduating, she went on a two-year mission’s trip to Chile where she met and married Marcelo Figueroa, a local pastor and faculty member of Temuco Bible Institute.

When a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile on February 27th, Temuco Bible Institute was counted among the wreckage. With massive relief aid from abroad focused primarily on Haiti, the Chilean government estimated a three to five year full recovery. Upon hearing of the damage to the BI, ABC student body president, Jon Miller, acted immediately. After consulting with the student council, they placed buckets around campus labeled with relevant information on the BI. For nearly a month, students and visitors donated to this anonymous gift fundraiser.

Aside from the collection areas, ABC also set aside the offerings collected at the Spring Bible Conference to donate to TBI’s rebuilding fund. Ideally, the monetary gift would have been given in person. Since this wasn’t possible from over 6,000 miles away, the IT department arranged a live presentation of the gift via Skype during the Bible Conference. Not only did this unique opportunity allow Teresa to share what God is doing in Chile, but it also allowed the students to see what a direct encouragement they could be to Chilean believers.

“On behalf of the student body,” Jon said from Anderson stage, “we would like to present you with this gift.” In order to repair a building that had to be removed, replace the windows, and repair other damaged property, ABC raised a total of $2,300. When asked about serving through difficult times like these, Teresa said, “Ministry without a servant’s heart isn’t ministry.”

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