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Bible College News: A Plea from the Pulpit

Have you ever walked through the doors of your local church and thought, "I wonder how God will challenge me today?" The thought leaves your mind as you greet friends and take your seat. However, as the service starts, the message is delivered and your mind returns to that question, "how will God challenge me today?"

Multiple students and staff members wrestle with this same question as they regularly attend chapel at Appalachian Bible College. There are messages that have multiple challenges and then, there are those messages that radiate a clear single challenge. President Dr. Daniel Anderson delivered such a message on September 30, 2009.

Continuing with a sequel to his first chapel message on September 2, 2009, Dr. Anderson drew our attention to John 9:4 in relation to this year's theme "Our Duty to Serve". The working of the Holy Spirit was evident and from the pulpit came a plea that challenged every heart. No individual present was exempt; not Dr. Anderson, not the faculty, not the students. This challenge returned each hearer to their purpose for being at ABC. It was not shallow. It was not lengthy. There was no hidden agenda. The challenge can be sifted down to three words. Words filled with passion, as though a father pleading with his children.

Read the Bible.

“There’s nothing like reading the Bible. Read the Bible. Read the Bible. That‘s how you’ll know what works He wants you to do. That‘s His message to us. That‘s how you’ll know His heart. The Bible. The Bible. Read the Bible.”

To hear the full message click here.

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