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Bible College News: 2013-14 ABC Student Body

Anticipation. Excitement. Possibilities. The campus resonated with activity during these beginning days. Staff assembled to greet new and returning students, roommates met for the first time, and furniture was transported from vehicles to be carefully arranged in rooms.

For 90 new students, Saturday, August 24th was the beginning of an adventure - navigating registration, exploring residence halls, and enjoying their first meal in Hanmer Dining Hall with parents and faculty. In addition, their first weekend at college included time to get acquainted with one another, a special Sunday morning service, and a number of orientation gatherings.

The returning students arrived throughout the day on Monday, August 26th. After reuniting with friends and staff, they too began the process of settling in for the year: checking-in, setting up their rooms which would be “home” for the next nine months, and confirming class schedules.

After completing tasks and marking off check-sheets, Monday night’s Student Council Kickoff provided the opportunity for blending “new” and “returning” students into one campus family. These diverse members now become the focus of Appalachian Bible College’s mission – the ABC student body…because life is for service.

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