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Bible Conference in Review

When you’re a student at a Bible college with so many classes on the Bible, it’s easy for the Bible to become a sort of textbook. For this reason the 2012 Spring Bible Conference was especially effective. Dr. Robert Alderman and Dr. Rich McCarrell spent two days addressing the 2011-12 school year theme, “Servants Who Love Thy Word.”

Dr. Alderman’s messages focused on the fact that loving the Word of God is a pilgrimage as reflected by Psalm 119:81-97. Speaking directly from the heart and with brutal honesty, Dr. Alderman highlighted the reality of persecution and opposition that Christians face from within and without, “To understand the power of the good, we must be aware of the bad. The ways in which we are persecuted are not fair. People will try to consume you. However, it is the genuine love for God and His Word that allows us to be faithful in spite of the pain.”

Dr. McCarrell spoke about steps in the Christian’s spiritual journey. Beginning with Salvation and Surrender and then progressing to Sanctification, Dr. McCarrell shared what a servant who loved the Word looked like. Some of his exhortations included, “The benefits of obedience far outweigh the cost of obedience. The victorious life of blessing is the life of surrender.” Sharing from his own days at ABC, Dr. McCarell challenged students to not only know the language of Christianity but to be genuinely surrendered to God. “A person can be a student at Bible college or even a graduate and still not be wholly devoted to God.” His parting encouragement for the students was that while “Satan lives in our yesterday, God’s grace lives in our future.”

Some may question the timing of the conference. Why hold the students for two more days after the conclusion of final exams? The answer? Appalachian Bible College believes beyond teaching answers to questions on a test or completing a set number of classroom hours, developing men and women who will go on for God would be impossible without nurturing within them a love for God’s Word. By removing the distraction of coursework, students are able to be immersed in concentrated time around the Bible under the ministry of proven servants of the Lord. After all, “Servants Who Love Thy Word” should not just be a motto for a year, but should be the theme of each one’s life…Because Life is for Service.

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