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Bible College News: Directives for Giving

It's just around the corner. What’s holding up the traffic? Why doesn’t that car turn? Am I ever going to get home? With Christmas just a few days away many of us have entered into the frantic shopping mode, hoping and wishing that our procrastination hasn't allowed that perfect gift to slip our grasp. But is all the rushing, pushing, grabbing, materialism that drives this season, what Christmas is about?

More often than not we need a reminder. The proverbial 2x4 to bring us back to reality and back to the true purpose of celebrating the birth of Christ. That reminder was provided this year through Dr. Anderson's message December 11, 2009, Four Directives for Giving Our Hearts to God This Christmas Season. Through a clear articulation of God's Word, Dr. Anderson challenged students and staff to give the perfect heart gift to God this Christmas.

Listen to his message and as you review the values and practices that your life displayed this Christmas consider accepting the challenge of giving your heart to God. Not just in a salvation context but also in response to your duty to serve.

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