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Encounter Revival

Spiritual revival within one’s heart can be the result of various things, from something as quiet as scriptural meditation to enthusiastic fellowship with other believers. In Friday's chapel it came to the ABC campus family through the ministry of Encounter Revival Ministries (ERM).

ERM is a collection of nearly 25 young people led by Ardy & Jean Parlin. The Parlins founded ERM in 1991 for the purpose of “influencing the world with the truths of God’s Word, by calling the lost to Christ and believers to walk in obedience to the Scriptures through various avenues.” Most prominent are their weeklong revivals that consist of godly music, practical teaching of the Word, and interaction with the Encounter Team. In addition, throughout the team’s yearlong ministry they will have an extended international ministry and participate as counselors for a summer at the ministries camp, Mt. Lou San.

During chapel the Encounter Team shared a portion of their revival ministry encouraging those in attendance through Christ-honoring songs and testimonies that exalted God and His word. In addition, Ardy Parlin then challenged students and staff with various truths and principles from Scripture related to ABC’s motto, “Because Life is for Service.”

Over the past 2-3 years more than 5 students have joined the ABC family as a result of ERM’s annual campus visit. Pass teams and the one we met today leave no doubt that the Parlins and the ERM staff are committed to training laborers for the harvest fields of the world. It is a privilege to equip servants together with them, because life is for service!

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