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Bible College News: A New Year

What types of evenings are filled with laughter, reminiscing, and intellectual pursuits? Family gatherings. This year’s annual All School Reception brought together the 2011-12 ABC campus family.

The activities ranged from Dr. Anderson recounting significant points in our Bible college’s rich heritage to jesting with students about which sports team is superior. The look back to our founders this year revealed to new students that God established ABC through the partnership of a local church pastor, Robert Guelich, and a man committed to missions, Dr. Lester Pipkin. In addition, they learned the significance of the cupola (read the coming issue of Introspect to learn what they learned), why our colors are blue and grey, and why ABC distributes “Servant’s Mantles” at graduation.

The dynamics of figuring out how many countries and states are represented in our student body this year introduced a bit of excitement. As Dr. A called out a state students were encouraged to identify with their states. Naturally, this results in “team wars.” As usual, Dr. A made no bones about his favorite as West Virginia is called first followed by “Go Mountaineers!” All in all, 12 countries and 22 states are represented in this year’s campus family.

The evening did not stop there. New and returning students had the opportunity to share a verse that has impacted them, re-enforcing the theme, Servants Who Love Thy Word. Freshman Alyssa Gault quoted Jeremiah 29:11, and Senior Esther Good quoted Lam. 2:23,24, among many others. Staff filled the platform and introduced themselves sharing their favorite Bible character. Who would have guessed Karen Rowe (Business Assistant) favors Jesus.

The evening events conclude annually with the Staff vs. Student Bible Quiz. The staff roster included Mr. Dan Best (“The Youngin”), Dean, Dan Hanshew (“The Marine”), Mrs. Lisa Golden (“The Secretary”), and Mr. Ed Chesley (“Seasoned”). Representing the students, Nicole (“Freshman with 1,000 Hairstyles”), Rachel Smith (“The Business Ninja”), Zach Nunally (“Our Brother”), and Reed Waggoner (“The Golden Combover”).

Although the students were victorious last year, it seemed that the staff had studied hard. Pulling ahead early was all it took to keep them in the lead to capture this years quizzing, 57 Staff—47 Students.

Similar to most family gatherings, the ABC family enjoyed refreshments and fellowship as they concluded and welcomed the new school year.

For photos and videos of the evening visit the ABC Facebook page.

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