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Family Thanks

Singing Prayer

Friday’s Thanksgiving Chapel encouraged students to enter the break with thanksgiving in their hearts. The hour was filled with congregational singing, Bible reading, special music, and opportunity to give thanks to God in both the extraordinary and the routine.

In the extraordinary, one student testified of God’s saving grace in the life of his mom, a married student acknowledged God’s blessing through his wife, and a staff member shared of God’s gracious leading to serve at ABC. These were just a few testimonies of abundant praise lifted to God during our time as a campus family.

In the routine, we were challenged to view life through more grateful lenses in a short video clip. The video opened with a young man sitting on his bed, praying before he laid to rest, “Lord, I’m struggling. Show me how I can be thankful.” Night passed, morning came, and the day proceeded. As the day progressed, no words were spoken, but different phrases appeared on the screen, such as “I can move,” “I can see,” “I have family that loves me,” “I have shelter.” One-by-one the video identified the multiple things throughout the day that the man took for granted. The video closed in the same way it opened, with the man on his bed praying, “Lord I’m struggling. Show me how I can be thankful.”

The thanksgiving testimonies that followed acknowledged God’s abundant blessings in those areas of our lives that we often overlook. Our time concluded with the campus family joining hands and uniting in prayer to God, thanking Him for what will be accomplished in the coming days.

Visit the ABC Facebook page to view photos or on Thanksgiving Day to hear one of the special readings read during chapel.

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