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Gauging the Temperature

In 1983 Dr. Joseph Pinter made the comment to Dr. Anderson, “Make sure you keep the chapel pulpit hot.” God, in His goodness, has done just that. While the weather outside is chilled the spiritual thermometer of campus is HOT.

Dr. Anderson warmed up the pulpit January 9, 2013 preaching from Ephesians 6, posing the question, “What Do Righteous Servants Wear?” As he moved through verses 10-20 he disclosed “God’s designer outfit,” the armor of salvation. He concluded with a song for students to rehearse in their hearts daily, sang to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

Armor of Salvation

Dean Childs, Vice President for Student Services, continued to increase the temperature of chapel January 16 with a focus on the usefulness of salt from Matthew 5:13. In addition, he stressed how salt can become useless when contaminated. His illustrations brought to life the context and the direct application to our lives. His words echoed long after chapel ended, “There is nothing worse than a Christian useless to God. Are you contaminated?”

This Monday’s message by Pastor Mark Patton from I Peter 3, “Suffering Well as a Servant of Righteousness” continued the heat wave. Throughout his message we were reminded that suffering is not “teenage acne or getting your heart broken.” Rather, I Peter is addressing those who suffered because of doing right like God sees it. The overarching question, if “living right like God sees it” causes suffering, am I willing to suffer? If so, the words Peter wrote provide guidance in how to approach suffering from the right angle, with proper actions, and the right attitude.

You’re invited to listen to each of these chapel messages and more, here. If you are challenged and would like, share them with your friends on Facebook.

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