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Bible College News: Get to Know You

The beginning days of each school year holds many “Get to Know You” events - some lighthearted and fun-filled like the upcoming So Long to Summer Fest, some more formal such as the Parent’s Hour with the President. Two of these events were held this weekend: the All-School Reception and the Married Student Picnic.

Incorporating good-natured competition, a hometown roll call, and corporate worship through song, the All-School Reception was an official welcome to the entire ABC family. Staff and faculty took the platform to introduce themselves and share a bit of their testimony. The new music faculty member, Mr. Roger VanMaasdam, played a spirited rendition of the hymn “My Sins are Gone.” Then to cheers of pride, Dr. Anderson called out the names of states and countries. The tally results were 28 states and 14 foreign countries.

The evening wouldn’t be complete without the annual Staff vs. Student Bible Quiz. As the reigning champs, the students approached the quiz, confident in their agile minds. However, it was the staff who earned the final applause, answering one tough question after another. Friday night concluded with refreshments and a more casual time of fellowship.

The merriment and fellowship continued into Saturday with the second annual Married Student Picnic. Hosted by the Student Wives Fellowship (SWF), the picnic gave married student families an opportunity to get to know one another as well as meet the SWF and Administrative Committees.

The theme for the afternoon was a variation on “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” with first the AdCom introducing themselves and comparing their ministries at ABC to various types of shoes and then the Student Wives Fellowship committee introducing themselves and explaining which part of the SWF “shoe” they were. Mrs. Anderson read two thoughtful stories; one reminded the families to look beyond the surface of those around them and the other recounted D. L. Moody’s humble service to the men to whom he was speaking. One night after the rest had gone to bed, Mr. Moody anonymously shined each man’s shoes. Dr. Anderson gave a challenge encouraging each family to be “Loving Servants.” As a reminder and a welcome gift, the men were given shoe-shining kits and the women received a cake-server shaped like a ladies dress shoe.

As each introductory event concludes, the ABC family continues to move from a group of casual strangers to affectionate brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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