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Bible College News: Mayor Honors Student Body

Tiramisu: Pronounced tih-ruh-mee-SOO, is an Italian truffle and also the favorite dessert of this year’s Junior/Senior Banquet. However, tiramisu was not the only Italian item on the menu, all in attendance were treated to a full Italian meal, buffet style. But the excitement did not end with the buffet line.

Each year the Junior/Senior Banquet is used as an opportunity for the Junior class to show their gratitude to the Senior class. Samuel VanValkenburg, one of the graduating Seniors, said, “I didn’t know that there would be so many events in the program to show appreciation for the Seniors.” This was the highlight of the evening, the chance to honor the Seniors for their four years spent at ABC, learning and being an example to those behind them.

This year’s Seniors will be missed by more than just the Junior class, although they might be the ones who appreciate their influence the most. The character and unique flavor that they have brought to the campus will leave a void difficult to fill. Thankfully the Junior/Senior Banquet is just the first of many events to come that will honor our Seniors.

During the evening the Seniors appreciated being challenged by Mr. Chesley and Dr. King, enjoyed the special music and slide show, and in a way fitting to the evening, won the game of Family Feud, ABC style. After the pictures were all taken, the food all eaten, and the program finished the ABC students and staff slowly trickled away from the event and headed home.

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