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Bible College News: How to Listen to a Sermon

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In a culture that is bombarded with visual messaging, Dr. Johnson introduced in his last lecture, the art of listening. This message came on the heels of his expository message from Psalm 19 the day before titled, The Priority of the Word of God and the God of the Word.

Dr. Johnson’s final lecture was full of surprises. In the hour provide, he delivered two mini-sermons. The first was a monologue depicting Paul in his final Roman imprisonment dictating II Timothy. This was complete with bonds and recitation of the entire epistle by memory. Following the monologue, Dr. Johnson drew out and emphasized the value of Scripture memory in an expository ministry.

Dr. Johnson Dr. Johnson

The second “vignette” then focused the ears of the audience on “How to Listen to a Sermon.” Grounding the message in II Timothy 4:1-5, Dr. Johnson shared four characteristics needed for listening to a sermon.

  1. Listen with an awe of God!
  2. Listen with an awe of God’s Word!
  3. Listen while avoiding distractions
  4. Listen while appreciating God’s servants

Sure, this is not a comprehensive list of steps to help someone listen to a sermon better but it is a start. Consider the first two characteristics and how you would answer the question, “Do you listen with an awe of God or an awe of God’s Word?”

Take the opportunity to listen to Dr. Johnson's messages and accept his exhortation to "Take heed to how you hear!"

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