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Bible College News: Igniting Our Passion

Pinter Lecture Program

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Created to honor Dr. Joseph K. Pinter, longtime ABC Theology professor and former Chair of the Bible/Theology Department, the Pinter Lecture Series is committed to providing quality, fundamental lectures on critical issues facing today’s biblical servants.

Serving on staff for nearly 40 years, Dr. Pinter laid a firm theological foundation for many students training at Appalachian Bible College including alumnus, Curtis Bostic. Desiring to honor both the heritage of Dr. Pinter’s teaching as well as the godly testimony of his own father, Reverend Wade Bostic, the Lord led Curtis to establish a Trust that provides the funding for this annual series.

Dr. Douglas McLachlan, who is the Chancellor, President Emeritus, and Professor of Pastoral Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minnesota, exhorted the ABC family and campus guests regarding this year’s theme, “Igniting our Passion for Christian Mission.”

Dr. McLachlan addressed this theme in three main sessions, titled:

  1. Total Commitment: The Antecedent to Christian Mission – Romans 12:1-2
  2. The Imitation of Christ: The Selflessness of Christian Mission – John 1:14-18, and
  3. The Triumph of Servant-Living: The Sterling Practices of Christian Mission – Philippians 2:17-30

The first session dealt with our motivation for serving: God’s mercies and abundant grace; the shape our commitment will take: the presentation of our body and transformation of our minds; as well as the focus of our commitment: to discern the will of God and to do it.

The second session traced the four redemptive steps of Christ as he renounced comfort (“became flesh”), befriended sinners (“dwelt among us”), ministered to critical needs (“full of grace and truth”), and enriched lives (“of his fullness we have all received”).

In the final main session, Dr. McLachlan highlighted the testimonies of three believers who were totally committed to evangelization, or “gossiping the Gospel.” The Apostle Paul served as an example of one who sacrificed for others rather than preserving himself. His son in the faith, Timothy, cared for others instead of pampering himself. Finally, Epaphroditus risked everything for others rather than protecting himself.

In addition to the main sessions, Dr. McLachlan participated in question and answer times and shared in two evening devotions, first on Monday with ABC married students and then on Tuesday with residence hall students. Both devotionals emphasized “The Shape of God’s Missional Love” from John 3:16.

It is our prayer that you will take time to benefit from these Bible expositions by listening to Dr. McLachlan’s sermons online. You are welcome to download, print, and make use of the portion of the program designated for notes and thoughts related to the messages.

May the Word of the Lord ignite your passion for Christian mission in the days ahead…because life is for service.

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