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Is There Not a Cause

One of the most familiar stories even to an unbeliever is that of David and Goliath. What’s not to love? Adventure, overwhelming odds, victory for the “little guy.” However, as we examine the story more closely, we realize that the lessons we can learn go far beyond a children’s Sunday School class.

David didn’t set out to defeat a giant; he was just obeying his father and bringing food to his brothers. But when the opportunity arose to “remove the reproach from Israel,” he boldly advanced toward that from which others more skilled than he retreated. David’s actions answered his question, “Is there not a cause?”

Like David, the guest speakers from the National Center for Life and Liberty, Attorney David Gibbs III and April Campbell, believe in standing up for what is right. During the 2013 Daniel L. Anderson Leadership Symposium and Ada M. Spangler Women’s Seminar, students, staff, spouses, and guests were encouraged to first be prepared personally to face the causes of our day and then made aware of things that could hinder our ability to face the causes. Personal holiness must precede any attempt to influence righteous behavior around us.

In the women’s sessions, Mrs. Campbell first noted that David did not go in his own strength but in the strength of the Lord. In order to win great battles we must “invite the Master on board.” She then shared from II Corinthians 4 regarding the great privilege to serve as “clay pots,” fragile though we are, and exhorted the ladies to expect trials but instead of looking at the trial, focus on the Word of God.

In the first of the men’s sessions, Attorney Gibbs stressed the importance of prayer and personal holiness. The question we should ask ourselves as we make choices is not “Is it that bad?” but rather, “Is it holy?” In the second session, he addressed legal issues facing the Church and presented ways to protect the testimony of the Lord’s work.

The final session of the day included both the men and the women and dealt with ministry ramifications and applications of social media. Listeners were reminded that social media can be a powerful tool to advance the cause of Christ but can be equally destructive because of its permanence and potential for absorbing too much time.

In addition to the sessions, three workshops were offered. “For the Cause of the Gospel” addressed reaching the lost without compromising our testimony. “For the Cause of Doctrinal Purity” dealt with areas of church separation and cooperativeness. “For the Cause of the Ministry” shared testimonies of ministering in restrictive areas around the world.

The goal of the Seminar and Symposium is to further equip believers to be more effective servants by addressing issues from a practical ministry standpoint while upholding the primacy of the Scriptures. Attorney Gibbs, Mrs. Campbell, and the various workshop speakers accomplished this goal by opening eyes and encouraging believers to realize that there is a cause worth standing up for – the cause of Christ.

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