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Student Soccer Team.

Bible College News: More Than Winning

Most competitors are familiar with the expression, "There's more to the game than just winning." Last evening, the ABC Warriors' soccer game against Bluefield State College validated that sentiment.

The Warriors played hard on the field, but as Bluefield continued to dominate the scoring, a unique situation arose in the stands. ABC senior, Brandon Miller explains.

“Tonight was awesome! A bunch of us went to Bluefield College to cheer on our ABC Warriors; unfortunately, with about 20 minutes left in the game, we were down 10-0.

“But it didn’t matter; we kept on cheering and supporting the team! While we were cheering, a young lady came up to us and asked how we could stay so cheerful. I explained to her that we were here to encourage our brothers on the field, and even though they were losing, we knew they would give God all the glory - win or lose!

“After some introductory small talk, I asked her if she had ever gone to church. She said, ‘No.’

“I began to explain the Gospel to her. After I was done I asked her, ‘If you were to die tonight where would you go, Heaven or Hell?’

“She said, Heaven,” and told me she believed in God.

“I asked for her testimony, but she didn’t know what I meant. To clarify, I asked her to share the point in her life when she prayed and told God that she was a sinner, believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for her sins and rose again three days later. She could not give me an answer.”

ABC’s team was not ahead at the end and suffered a difficult defeat, but God had something better in mind than a win. He wanted Christ to be exalted and the Gospel to be shared.

Had the team been winning, the reason for the students’ cheering would have been obvious. But because of their passion to encourage their brothers in Christ regardless of the score, the curiosity of an individual was aroused. Although the young lady did not accept Christ at that moment, the seed of the Gospel was planted and the opportunity to respond provided.

So next time you hear “there’s more to the game than just winning,” remember that God is at work in the hearts of men continually because He is “not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Pt. 3:9)

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