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Bible College News: New Ministry Majors

Throughout the years God has orchestrated vital changes in the structure and offerings of Appalachian Bible College to allow us to meet the needs of the church of today while preparing the leaders of the church of tomorrow. Some milestones in our history include the move from Whitesville to Bradley in 1956, the launch of Alpine Ministries in 1960, the transition from Appalachian Bible Institute to Appalachian Bible College in 1978, and the accomplishment of becoming the first and only Bible college in West Virginia authorized to award a Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology. In 1983, God directed in the presidential transition from Dr. Pipkin to Dr. Anderson along with the introduction of multiple new programs.

God continues to shape ABC. Through the leadership of Dr. Charles Bethel, our Vice-President for Academics, ABC is announcing a change to our curriculum structure. While our curriculum will continue to reinforce our commitment to God's Word, the local church, and quality trained servants, all Bachelor of Arts degree students will now be credited with two majors as they are awarded their B.A. degree. The first major, required for all B.A. students, will remain Bible & Theology; the second major will be a Ministry Major of their choice: Pastoral Ministries, Missions, Youth & Family Ministries, Music, Camping, or Elementary Education.

A graduate's transcript will record both a Major in Bible & Theology and a second Ministry Major. Along with facilitating students' desire for further education, "we believe this change," Dr. Bethel shared, "will practically equip our students for leadership positions in church ministries." Because . . . Life is for service.

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