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Bible College News: Not Weary in Well Doing

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Galatians 5:13 says, “By love serve one another.” As we fulfill this biblical command, it is easy to experience what the world calls “burnout” and what Paul describes in Galatians 6 as “weariness.” So how should believers guard from being “weary in well doing”?

During the 2014 Ada Spangler Women’s Seminar and Daniel L. Anderson Men’s Leadership Symposium, Dr. John and Daria Greening, who serve with the GARBC, shared biblical principles to incorporate to prevent weariness in a believer’s personal life, ministry life, and family life.

Dr. Greening encouraged the men to find personal renewal by focusing on the spiritual benefits and support given by each member of the Trinity. He then addressed ministry exhaustion and gave practical suggestions for organization and implementation of principles drawn from I Timothy.

Mrs. Greening gave the women tips to survive the wear and tear to themselves personally and to their ministries. She emphasized the importance of spending time in God’s Word to know God’s priorities and to be able to please Him. Speaking honestly, Mrs. Greening warned the women to expect opposition but to remain committed to God’s work and to serve with humility.

Dr. and Mrs. Greening shared together during the final session, “Family Life Renewal.” Using the example of Philemon, the Greenings compared the benefits of balance with the dangers of imbalance and gave eleven lessons drawn from Paul’s letter to Philemon and his family.

In addition to the main sessions, two workshops were offered. Spencer and Linda Hammons spoke about ministering in daily life using hospitality. Contrasting hospitality with entertainment, the Hammons emphasized the spiritual foundation for opening our hearts and homes to others, specifically strangers. Rev. David Jones and Mrs. Janice Owens shared about ministering in difficult times. Rev. Jones gave scriptural principles for encouraging people who have terminal illnesses, are bereaved, or are facing familial challenges. Mrs. Owens encouraged the women to develop a rich spiritual life in order to have a source of strength when dealing with difficulties in ministry.

Each believer has a ministry from God that can only be carried out with His enablement. Each person who attended the Seminar and Symposium were further equipped to be able to faithfully fulfill their ministry without becoming weary…because life IS for service.

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