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Appalachine Bible College Mens Basketball Team

Onward Christian Soldiers

A group of men gathered in a circle. They were each handed a small Gospel tract. “Gentlemen,” they were told, “I expect each one of you to give this to someone before the end of the trip – and I don’t mean lay it down somewhere and take off running! If you have to give this back to me when we get back, I’m going to be very disappointed.”

This group of men is not an evangelism team. They are not a missions group. This tract-distributing, good-news sharing organization is none other than the ABC men’s basketball team.

The Warriors were loading up for an invitational tournament, the Mid-Atlantic Classic, the first of many road trips this season. Their coach, Tim Barton, was the one counting noses and passing out tracts. As they prepared to travel to North Carolina for a three-day tournament, the excitement of the twelve men was palpable. However, this moment in the foyer of the Servant Center sharply refocused their enthusiasm. This trip was going to be about more than winning some basketball games; it was also an opportunity to win souls.

While the team was unsuccessful in winning their three games, they were able to see improvement throughout the course of the tournament. They led for most of the second game and took the third game into overtime after leading for most of that final game as well.

Testing their skills against other teams was great preparation for the remainder of the season. The opportunity to share their faith was even better preparation for life. Coach Barton realizes that he is not just training basketball players; he is mentoring servants …because Life is for Service.

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