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Bible College News: Pricked Hearts

This Bible college campus is permeated with hearts that have been pricked by the Word of God. As we press toward the final hours of our Missions Conference, the talk about world missions and local missions has become, even more, the topic of choice.

If you graced the residence halls with your presence, you might find students discussing Dr. Alderman’s messages which have directly answered the question, “What is behind ‘This I do’?” in our theme verse, I Corinthians 9:23. The verse reads, “Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partaker of it with you.” He has explored the context surrounding 1 Corinthians 9:23, expounded on Romans 1:1, and presented truths from Philippians 1 all centered on our theme, For the Sake of the Gospel.

But these messages have been re-enforced by the students' interaction with the faithful missionaries that have gathered on campus this week, but are soon to scatter around the globe. Students have shared testimonies about their time with these men and women committed to the Gospel, some of whom have testified to great challenges and even greater blessings.

As participants continue to interact with God’s Word, please continue to pray that all in attendance would have hearts sensitive to God’s leading in these last sessions together. You are encouraged to listen to the conference yourself and encourage others to do likewise. Also, view pictures and special music from this conference on ABC's Facebook page.

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