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Bible College News: Starting Fresh at 62

Retirement in today’s culture is seen as a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the daily routines of an unscheduled life. However, for servants like Walt Burch, ABC’s former Business Manager, retirement is all about starting a fresh ministry to local churches.

Having served nearly 15 years, Mr. Burch will be greatly missed in the daily aspects of ABC. His closest co-worker, Karen Rowe, served alongside him for 13 years and shared some of their fondest memories. She recounted her memories of Mr. Burch’s tendency to prank others and ability to bring a light-heart to every situation. “But in everything he did,” she said, from his personal life to the business realm “was done unto the Lord.”

Mr. Burch is well versed in laws relating to non-profit organizations and anticipates offering financial advice and services at minimal to no-cost. In his final staff meeting in February he expressed his “desire to assist small churches, ministries, and camps in evaluating their financial status and practices.” His goal is to assist the body of Christ in implementing biblical principles of stewardship.

Appalachian Bible College is excited to send another servant into the harvest fields of the world!

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