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Bible College News: Students Serve Landowner

ABC is not only a place to learn about what it means to be a biblical servant leader but it’s also a place to attach feet and hands to that learning. The Camping major is the largest program at ABC, and one of its benefits is the opportunity to enroll in Camping Skills classes. These specialty classes provide students with real-life, outdoor adventure experiences in activities such as white-water rafting, rock climbing, and caving as they learn valuable, hands-on, leadership skills.

Last fall, the Caving Skills class took a five-day trip to the Lewisburg area of WV, a section of the country that is known for its vast cave systems. Through the duration of the trip, the students not only learned about and explored miles of underground caverns, but they also had the opportunity to be involved in a practical ministry experience.

A local landowner regularly allows groups of outdoor enthusiasts to stay on his property. As an expression of gratitude for this privilege, the members of the caving skills class spent most of a day building a new fence around the grounds where they had spent the night. This campsite sets on the edge of a field near a private entrance to Friar’s Hole Cave, a subterranean system over 40 miles in length! Using tools and lumber supplied by the landowner, the members of the skills class put their hands and backs to the task as they worked alongside this generous man to complete the project.

When the work was finished, both the property owner and the students of ABC could stand back and admire the team effort and the fruits of their labor. It was an excellent lesson for all of being a servant to all through Christian Service.

See the beauty of God's creation in southern West Virginia

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