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Bible College News: The Cost of Freedom

In honor of Veterans Day, Appalachian Bible College welcomed back an alumnus that furthered the work of Christ through military service. Chaplain Mike Allen graduated from ABC in 1986, went on to serve in a pastorate, and eventually was led by the Lord to join the U.S. Army’s Chaplain Corps. His return to campus Wednesday, November 10, 2010, brought with it his commander, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Selvy, and numerous accounts of God’s sovereign hand.

There was little doubt in the minds of the campus family that Chaplain Allen captured the heartbeat of ABC, “Because life is for service.” This was most evident in the high remarks his commander stated about him. “Chaplain Allen is first and foremost a soldiers Chaplain… a true testament to what the Chaplain Corps is about… and a credit to ABC, the U.S. Army, and the United States of America.”

Chaplain Allen then took time to broaden our understanding of the cost of freedom. He did this through emphasizing the “perfect timing of God.” He noted several accounts that he experienced during his 15-month deployment that manifested the truth that God’s timing is perfect timing. In one account, the position he was posted in (which he was opposed to) led to a young soldier trusting Christ as his Savior. Another account revealed how God protected his convoy in the midst of an explosion because it was not their time.

The most impacting and vivid account was that of seven memorial services he led as a result of soldiers paying the ultimate sacrifice. He stressed to us at that time, “Freedom is not free, and during those memorials I recognized these men had paid the price for my freedom.” He went on to share how the price paid by those men for our freedom in the United States is a clear illustration of how Christ paid the price for our freedom from sin.

You're invited to listen to how God has led, protected, and taught his servant, Alumnus and Chaplain Mike Allen what the true cost of freedom is and how all things work according to God’s perfect timing.

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