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Bible College News: The Return

With a title like that, your mind might be trailing down the paths of Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah as they led the Israelites in their returns to Jerusalem in 536, 457, and 444 BC. However, those accounts are not what we have in mind. Rather, after many weeks of quiet halls and empty classrooms, students will be returning to campus for the spring semester.

Sticky Note

Thankfully, this year’s travels are less hazardous. There has been little snowfall compared to last year, and the weather teases us with signs of spring in the middle of January. This makes both the return drive easier and the walk to classes less frigid.

It’s no secret that staff and faculty look forward to these days. As a student they enjoy the entire break and wouldn’t mind extending it; as staff and faculty they enjoy the brief reprieve but rejoice in the new year that brings a new semester filled with fresh opportunities to invest in the lives of the students they love. In their minds, a significant part of campus is missing during breaks, and they are glad when God brings back His “servants in training.”

Welcome Back Students!

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