Back to NewsSeptember 24, 2009

Bible College News: Warriors Train for Service

It was hot with the sun beating down for one of those especially humid days. It was also the first week of practice for our Warriors Athletics program. Thirty-six students, 14 women and 22 men, began training to compete on the sports fields. While the Ladies Volleyball team was hard at work on drills in Gilmore gymnasium, the Mens Soccer team was pushing a grueling run along the mountain ridge behind the ABC campus.

We already have some photos posted from this year's games. We invite you to look through them as well as other events and happenings on campus.

Please pray for our men and women as they train physically and spiritually to play hard and serve well in soccer and volleyball. Won't you also pray that God will send more servants to train here at ABC

See the beauty of God's creation in southern West Virginia

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