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Work Day 2012

Students and Staff joined forces to battle the effects of sin: weeds, germs, and general deterioration. The Campus Work Day is a favorite with all our family members from freshman to faculty. Most enjoy the camaraderie developed by spending time in the trenches with fellow workers. For example, junior Zach Nunally took advantage of the fellowship opportunity to get to know Dr. Knoblet outside the classroom as a laid back painter instead of a studious theology professor.

Knoblet Students

Jobs were accomplished to help prepare facilities for the year’s concluding events. Some defeated germs in bathrooms, classrooms, and offices. Others conquered weeds on the hillside, spread mulch in the flowerbeds, and mowed grass around campus.

Students Students

Unquestionably, the most tedious responsibility of all was defending over 40,000 volumes of literature against the insidious forces of mold, dust, and mildew. To wit, the books in the library were wiped down.

The best part about a hard day’s work is the sense of accomplishment that follows. A delicious meal including hamburger, ribs, fried chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, and strawberry shortcake doesn’t hurt either. To express appreciation for all those who participated, ABC wrapped up Work Day with a celebratory Campus Family Picnic enjoyed by students and staff as well as their families. Full stomachs and full hearts are a great way to finish out the school year.

Family Students

For more photos of the day visit the ABC Facebook page.

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