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Working Out the Word

“Diversity” is a trendy word these days. Employers are seeking to “diversify” their workforce; educators are encouraged to celebrate and be sensitive to “diversity.” In the financial world, we’re even encouraged to “diversify our portfolios!” Rather than follow a trend, on Friday, February 10, the Ada Spangler Women’s Seminar sought to embrace a reality: there are many different places, people, and times in ministry, but the truth of God’s Word is a constant in all situations.

How are we as believers to practice biblical principles in a fluid world? Our theme “Working Out the Word,” based on Philippians 2;12, 16 and our main speaker, Mrs. Debbie Blake, gave suggested answers to that question. Mrs. Blake’s first session grew out of a mother’s heart while her second session was more personal, sharing her life’s mission statement and personal resolutions. Drawing from her life experiences and 38-year marriage, Mrs. Blake gave examples of ways she has put the biblical principles of loving her God, her husband, her children, and her ministry into practice.

Along with the main sessions, three workshops were offered. Godly, experienced men and women exhorted and encouraged their listeners in practical areas of Christian ministry, covering such topics as: Working in Diverse Places – how to share God’s grace in unusual places like prisons, hospitals, or funeral homes; Working with Diverse People – how do birth orders, personalities, and gender affect the way we minister; Working at Diverse Times – how to be effective in a bi-vocational ministry.

A part of the academic year, the Ada Spangler Seminar supplements and enhances a female student’s education as we continue to train servants…because Life is for Service.

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