Military Student Admission

ABC earned the honor of being noted as one of the nation's "Military Friendly Schools."

Military Friendly Schools

Veterans at ABC are eligible to receive the following federal benefits in addition to all other federal and state grants:  

Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (Chapter 30)
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31)
Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)
Dependents' Educational Assistance (Chapter 35)
Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606)

ABC accepts credits from other institutions that meet the criteria for credit transfer. A detailed description of all transfer policies is available upon request from the Registrar.

Transfer Credit Policies:

Granting of Credit

All transfer students must spend a minimum of two semesters at ABC to receive the A.A., B.A., or Th.B. degrees, regardless of the amount of credits earned elsewhere.

Evaluation of Credit

Transfer credit will normally be granted for courses which have been evaluated to be equivalent (in content or educational philosophy/purpose) to those offered at ABC. A GPA of 2.0 or higher must have been achieved from an accredited institute, college or university.

Credit from unaccredited schools

Credits from non-accredited undergraduate institutions may be transferred based on the following provisions: two semesters (24 credit hours) have been completed at ABC and a minimum GPA of 2.0 has been achieved at ABC upon the completed of 24 credit hours.

Credit for Life Experience

Applicants who have completed three or more years of ministry experience may have up to nine credit hours waived upon the successful completion of a formal paper describing the applicant’s learning experiences. Military credit for military training and experience may be awarded on a limited basis.

Information required for admission:


The application may be completed online or a paper application may be printed and mailed to the admissions office. An application fee of $35 must be submitted with the application.

High School Transcripts

A copy of all high school and college transcripts should be sent to the admissions office, even if a college course will not apply as transfer credit.  Partial transcripts may be sent in order receive an acceptance decision and the final transcripts may be sent once the semester is complete.  The GED test may also be used for admission. Click here for a high school transcript request form that may be used. Military personnel should obtain a copy of your official military transcripts, and any other post-secondary credits you would like us to review for transfer credit.

Character References

Reference forms are provided by the college that must be completed by two people who are not relatives and can evaluate the applicant's character. An additional form is provided for the applicant's pastor or youth pastor. In the event that the applicant’s pastor is their parent, another church leader may complete the reference form.

Test Scores

Either the SAT (code: 7305) or ACT (code: 4507) may be submitted as admissions requirements. The minimum ACT composite score is 17, and the minimum SAT composite score (CR+M+W) is 1230. A small percentage of prospective students who do not meet minimum academic standards may be provided with a provisional acceptance and placed into the HELPS program.

Application Process:

Application Review

Each application is submitted to the Director of Admissions for evaluation. The application is reviewed by the Director of Admissions or, in some cases the Admissions Committee, which consists of the Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Services, and Director of Admissions. Once the application has been reviewed, the applicant will be notified by mail of the acceptance decision.

Initial Acceptance

Once all of the applicant’s paperwork has been submitted and the application has been favorably reviewed, the applicant is granted initial acceptance. This allows the student to enroll in classes and attend ABC.

Final Acceptance

Final Acceptance is granted once all required documentation is received such as, final transcripts from the applicant’s high school and/or college with final grades and/or graduation dates. A deposit of $25 is also required for final acceptance. The deposit will be applied towards the applicant’s tuition. Final acceptance is needed for the applicant to receive financial aid.

Down Payment and Payment Options

Once the applicant arrives on campus, a down payment of $2,000 for dorm students or $1,250 for non-dorm students is required. Three payment options are available: full payment, delayed full payment, or monthly payments.

Final Confirmation Paperwork

The summer before classes begin, each applicant will receive a packet of paperwork from the Student Services office which contains a medical form, dorm request information, a final confirmation form, and general information that will be of help to the applicant. Students enrolling in the Spring semester will receive this information prior to the beginning of the semester.

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