Ministry Placement Viewing Request

Thank you for your interest in partnering with ABC's Ministry Placement. In order to fulfill our privacy commitment to those being listed, we require that everyone viewing provide written affirmation with Appalachian Bible College's doctrinal statement in order to access the listings. After completing the form below:

  1. You will be personally contacted by the Ministry Placement Office
  2. You will be provided with a copy of ABC's doctrinal statement and requested to sign in affirmation
  3. You will be given approval and access to the listings upon the receipt of written affirmation.



Main Switchboard

(304) 877–6428 1–800–678–9ABC

Dormitory Phone System

(304) 877–3760

Alpine Ministries

(304) 877–6427


(304) 877–5082

Alpine Fax

(304) 877–5046


161 College Dr.
Mount Hope, WV 25880


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