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Servant Spotlight:

Alumni President Welcomes Grads

As part of Commencement, alumni president Jeremy Hales gave graduates words to ponder. He exhorted them to be on the lookout for ways God might use them to encourage someone toward Appalachian Bible College.

“Every year we have the privilege of seeing hundreds of students attend Appalachian Bible College as the pinnacle of their education. Friendships are forged, people are challenged with life-change, and hearts are impacted for eternity.

Witnessing God’s special use of ABC leaves me in awe time and time again. But it’s not the physical property that makes the difference. Neither is it the breath-taking views, the excellent facilities, nor any other amazing activity students experience at ABC.

It’s YOU! God uses people to make a difference, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are an impact player in His Kingdom!

Your participation will provide aid and your eternal investment will continue to reap spiritual rewards!"

As an alumnus, do you remember when you received a similar speech at your commencement? Is your heart challenged to think in this way? Along with the Graduating Class of 2012, you too as a member of the Alumni Association can grant a scholarship to a new incoming student. Consider your role in the Alumni Association and the opportunities you have to point young people to a life of ministry and service for the Lord... Because Life is for Service!

I want to become a member of the Alumni Association.

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