Application Procedures


Make sure you complete each item, sign it, and send it electronically or mail it to ABC along with your $35 application fee.


Give the blue form to your pastor/youth pastor (whichever knows you best), asking him to complete and return it to ABC as soon as possible. Give the yellow forms to two adult friends who know you well, asking them to complete and return to ABC right away. (Providing stamped envelopes addressed to ABC is a nice gesture and may help speed up the process.) All references must be completed by individuals not related to you.


Complete a Transcript Request form, then deliver or mail it to the high school from which you graduated. (Some schools may allow you to request it over the phone. If so, you do not need to submit this form.) If you have not yet graduated, request a transcript of your course work completed up until the current semester.

If you have taken the GED, have an official copy sent directly from the GED test center.

If you have attended another college, send a “Transcript Request Form”, then mail it to the col-lege you attended (there may be a fee involved).


Request an official copy of your ACT or SAT scores be sent to ABC. This is done automatically if you specify our college ACT Code: 4507, or SAT Code: 7305, on the test registration form. If your ACT or SAT scores are printed on your high school transcript, we will consider them official.


A doctor’s exam is not required. Just complete the Applicant Medical Report and return it to ABC. (If you are married, your spouse needs to complete this form as well.) Be sure to complete all dates for immunizations. When we receive your completed paperwork from the five items listed above, you will be evaluated for Initial Acceptance. If everything looks good at that point, you will then receive a letter of Initial Acceptance. Completing item six below will then qualify you for Final Acceptance.


To confirm your intention to enroll, you must submit a $25 deposit and any paperwork still needed by admissions. Before FINAL ACCEPTANCE can be given, we must have your deposit and complete paperwork on file. You will be notified by letter of your Final Acceptance.


When to Apply

Early application is advisable, especially for single dorm students and married students desiring campus housing. During the summer before, or early fall of your high school senior year, is an ideal time to submit your application. We do, however, accept applications throughout the sum-mer months prior to the opening of Fall Semester classes. Most ABC Fall Semester scholarships, however, have a June 15th deadline. When possible, enrollment should begin during the Fall Semester. Some subjects are offered in Fall/Spring cycles, making irregular schedules for those entering the Spring Semester, which may extend the time for completing your program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students follow regular admissions procedures. In addition, official transcripts of all previously earned college credits must be submitted before acceptance can be granted. These transcripts will be evaluated by the Registrar to determine transfer credits.

Transfer Credit Policies

All transfer students must spend a minimum of two semesters as full-time students at ABC to receive either the A.A., B.A. or Th.B. degrees, regardless of the amount of credits earned elsewhere. In some cases, students who have completed quarter hours of courses from an institution other than ABC may be required to take or audit a course(s) or segments of a course(s). Transfer credit will normally be granted for courses which have been evaluated to be equivalent (in content or educational philosophy/purpose) to those offered at ABC; completed with a 2.0 GPA or higher; and taken at an accredited institute, college or university.

College credits from non-accredited undergraduate institutions may be transferred to Appalachian Bible College on a provisional basis. Provisions include
1. Two (2) semesters (24 credit hours) of enrollment at ABC, and 20
2. A minimum of 2.0 cumulative ABC GPA at the conclusion of 24 credit hours attempted.

Until completion of these 2 semesters (24 credit hours), all potential transfer credits (classes passed with a minimum of 2.0) will be considered “provisional.

Upon satisfactory completion of the above provisions, applicable credits will then be officially transferred to ABC by our Registrar. Upon unsatisfactory completion, no credits will be transferred

Military credit for military training and experience may be awarded on a limited basis. Military courses will be evaluated by the “American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experience in the Armed Services.

Life experience credit is available at ABC. Up to nine credit hours may be awarded to those who have completed three or more years of full-time vocational Christian ministry. Each course must be “challenged” by means of a formal paper dealing with the course’s syllabus and the student’s learning experience

A detailed description of all transfer policies is available upon request from the Registrar

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