Special Admissions

Returning alumni

Students who have un-enrolled for one to four semesters or more need to submit a re-application form along with a new Pastor’s Reference Form, and a Medical Report Form. Upon notice of approval, a $25 Intention Fee is needed to finalize re-acceptance.

Returning alumni (students who have been un-enrolled for more than 4 semesters) need to complete and submit a new application.

High School Students

High school students and commuters who desire to enroll in just four credit hours or less, who are not receiving government financial aid, are not required to complete the entire formal application process. Short Form Applications may be obtained from the Admissions Office near the date classes are to begin. Those who accumulate ten credit hours are then required to complete the formal application process before taking additional classes.

Campus Visits

You are welcome most anytime! While we do not require a campus visit of our applicants, we highly recommend it. Prospective students are welcome to visit individually, with parents, or in groups. Visits, tours and overnight dorm accommodations must be arranged through the Admissions Office.

Individuals and couples are asked to call at least a week in advance, while groups should make arrangements, if at all possible, two weeks prior so that accommodations can be arranged and classes scheduled. If you are just driving through the area, we are usually available to give you a quick tour on short notice.

Our annual college weekend is normally scheduled the first Thursday evening through Saturday morning of April. This is an ideal time for high school students to get a great overview of Bible college life and stay in our college dormitories. In addition to regular activities, the annual Spring Music Festival is normally scheduled during this special time of campus preview.

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