Refund Policies

Tuition, Matriculation

The percentage of Tuition and Matriculation refunded is based on the remaining number of Class Days in a semester after the date a student properly drops or withdraws. Class Days are the total number of days in a semester, excluding weekends and breaks. No refunds are given after 10 weeks. (Note: the number of times a class meets per/week has no bearing on the refund calculation).

Grants, Loans & Scholarship Recipients

Students who have received financial aid (grants, loans and scholarships) which have preset refund policies, will, upon withdrawal from college, be granted refunds according to those policies. Any balance remaining, after these policies have been applied, will be owed to the College.

Students who officially withdraw through the Student Services Office, after classes have begun, may be eligible for a partial refund, according to the Refund Schedule. Whatever figure is calculated as a result of R2T4 calculations will be returned to the appropriate entity in the following order:

  1. FFEL Unsubsidized Loans
  2. FFEL Subsidized Loans
  3. FFEL PLUS Loans
  4. Pell Grant
  5. FSEOG Other Title IV Funds (Does not include FWS)

The College reserves the right to deduct from a refund any outstanding financial obligations to the College.

Refunds are forfeited by those who improperly reduce their schedules or fail to officially withdraw. Those who face expulsion are also entitled to the same refunds, providing they officially withdraw.

Health & Insurance, Room & Board

Health and insurance fees are non-refundable. Room & Board fee refunds are prorated based on usage.

Music Fees

Two-thirds (2/3) refund is given after one lesson. One-third (1/3) refund is given after two lessons. No refund after three lessons.


Any student who believes he/she has been unfairly treated with respect to charges or refunds, may petition the Dean of Students for an appeal.

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