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Pack Light - Pack RightAugust 2014

Deciding what to bring to college can be a challenge. The tendency is to bring everything you own in order to.... Read More

Meet ABC's New Intro PieceMay 2014

Not Weary in Well DoingFebruary 2014

During the 2014 Ada Spangler Women’s Seminar and Daniel L. Anderson Men’s Leadership Symposium, Dr. John and Daria Greening.... Read More

Igniting Our PassionJanuary 2014

Created to honor Dr. Joseph K. Pinter, longtime ABC Theology professor and former Chair of the Bible/Theology Department, the Pinter Lecture Series is committed.... Read More

Introspect—ABC's Best Kept SecretDecember 2013

Of Whom the World is Not WorthyNovember 2013

This year’s conference, with the theme Serving the Persecuted Church: “Of Whom the World is Not Worthy,” left an indelible impression on .... Read More

More Than WinningSeptember 2013

Most competitors are familiar with the expression, “There’s more to the game than just winning.... Read More

Get to Know YouSeptember 2013

The beginning days of each school year holds many “Get to Know You” events - some lighthearted... Read More

2013-14 ABC Student BodyAugust 2013

Anticipation. Excitement. Possibilities. The campus resonated with activity during these beginning days... Read More

Introspect—Obeying the Call of GodMay 2013

2013 CommencementMay 2013

By God’s grace there is a distinction between their preparation and the preparation of so many others who will... Read More

2013 Spring Bible ConferenceMay 2013

Appalachian Bible College remains steadfast in proclaiming the love of Christ based on the authority of God’s... Read More

Thirty Years of Servant LeadershipApril 2013

On Monday, April 29th, ABC’s Board of Directors, staff, and family of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Anderson gathered to rejoice in what God has done... Read More

Gracious GiftsApril 2013

Throughout our lives as believers we have the opportunity to sample moments that bring eternity to the forefront of our minds. For example.... Read More

Rules of Grace: The Exposition of Romans 13April 2013

One of ABC's distinctives is our commitment to expository preaching - clearly explaining and applying the author's intended meaning.... Read More

Encounter RevivalMarch 2013

Spiritual revival within one’s heart can be the result of various things, from something as quiet as scriptural meditation to.... Read More

That Men Would Praise the LordMarch 2013

This Monday’s chapel had similarities to the days when families would gather around the table for a meal and casually share about the events of the day. In this case, our campus family gathered around the Word .... Read More

Is There Not a CauseFebruary 2013

Guest speakers from the National Center for Life and Liberty, Attorney David Gibbs III and April Campbell, believe in .... Read More

Gauging the TemperatureJanuary 2013

In 1983 Dr. Joseph Pinter made the comment to Dr. Anderson, “Make sure you keep the chapel pulpit hot...." Read More

Introspect—Declaring the Goodness of GodDecember 2012

Onward Christian SoldiersNovember 2012

A group of men gathered in a circle. They were each handed a small Gospel tract. “Gentlemen,” they were told, “I expect each one of you to give this to someone before the end..... Read More

2012 Missions Conference CommencementNovember 2012

The Bible makes clear that the harvest fields are ripe unto harvest. We are praying that God will call forth..... Read More

Bill Hanmer, Early Leader of ABC, Passes AwaySeptember 2012

The homegoing of William “Bill” Hanmer Jr. on Friday, September 7, 2012 concludes a chapter in the history of Appalachian Bible College..... Read More

New School Year ExcitementAugust 2012

Welcoming students on campus for the first time is always a highlight. This year was no exception.... Read More

Trained to Serve!May 2012

Dr. Daniel Anderson, President of ABC, closed the service with a reminder to the graduates, “Remember, it’s not just ‘…Because Life is for Service;’ the rest of your life should be spent in service...." Read More

Bible Conference in ReviewMay 2012

By removing the distraction of coursework, students are able to be immersed in concentrated time around the Bible under the ministry of proven servants of the Lord.... Read More

Work Day 2012April 2012

Students and Staff joined forces to battle the effects of sin: weeds, germs, and general deterioration. The Campus Work Day is a favorite.... Read More

Refreshing WordsApril 2012

To Jeremiah the words of the Lord were the “joy and rejoicing of his heart;” to Ezekiel they were.... Read More

Mission: NYCMarch 2012

Ministry over these five days will consist of providing food, care packages, and clothing for the homeless. In addition, the team will assist in the children’s ministry during church on Sunday, street evangelism.... Read More

Servants to UrguayFebruary 2012

7 ABC Students
+ 3 ABC Staff
+ a 15 hour plane flight
+ a 4 hour bus ride
= Not your ordinary Spring Break.... Read More

Working Out the WordFebruary 2012

“Diversity” is a trendy word these days. Employers are seeking to “diversify” their workforce; educators are encouraged... Read More

How to Listen to a SermonFebruary 2012

In a culture that is bombarded with visual messaging, Dr. Johnson introduced in his last lecture, the art of listening. This message Wednesday came on the heels of... Read More

What Ever Happened to Sunday Dinner?January 2012

Few theological lectures begin with a question of this nature. However, this morning Dr. Mark Johnson initiated the ninth annual... Read More

The ReturnJanuary 2012

With a title like that, your mind might be trailing down the paths of Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah as they led... Read More

Dr. A's Christmas GreetingDecember 2011

I invite you to share a few moments with me during this Christmas season as... Watch Christmas Video

Hello Snow!December 2011

Between three and four inches blanket the ground, buildings, and trees, providing opportunity for students to..... Read More

Family ThanksNovember 2011

These were just a few testimonies in an enormous cloud of praise that was lifted to God during our time as a campus family..... Read More

A Reminder of TruthsNovember 2011

The chapel empties, the lights dim, and countless students make their way to a variety of locations.... Read More

Taking the Lead in PrayerNovember 2011

Dean Childs and student leader, Tom Finch, guided the campus family in praying for each.... Read More

Ol' Fashion FacebookOctober 2011

"Ol' Fashion Facebook" as Dean Childs stated, captured the essence of our Alumni Homecoming.... Read More

No Other NameSeptember 2011

Mr. Phillip Peterson garnered the support and efforts of the Sophmore and Junior class as he announced this years Missions Conference theme.... Read More

Family FunSeptember 2011

What types of evenings are filled with laughter, reminiscing, and intellectual pursuits? Family gatherings. This year’s annual.... Read More

A Fresh Start in 2011September 2011

Dads carrying totes, moms dabbing tears, and young men and women settling into their residence halls.... Read More

ABC's Inside-Out Approach to Character TrainingAugust 2011

We do not have a demerit system at our school; instead, we seek to focus on the biblical truth that actions flow from what’s in our heart.... Read More

Fighting for FreedomJuly 2011

Alumnus Scott Carpenter shares how God opened the door to a unique opportunity this Independence Day... Read More

Wilderness ExperiencesJune 2011

Accompanying the ministry of the Word was the ministry through music presented by the Appalachian Bible College Gospel Heralds. The nine ABC students... Read More

America and IsraelJune2011

Past presidents, as sincere as anyone can be, have also diligently worked for peace in the Middle East... Read More

Blossoming in the WildernessMay 2011

Our guest speaker, Sue Fallin, desires to offer encouragement to women dealing with difficult circumstances... Read More

2011 CommencementMay 2011

The conclusion of ABC’s 61st year of “educating and equipping servants” honored the class of 2011 as they turned their tassels... Read More

2011 Spring Bible ConferenceMay 2011

The climax of the year at Appalachian Bible College is not the focus on individual accomplishments but rather on the enabling power... Read More

Hope Amid Devastation in JapanMarch 2011

Among the people working to help cool the reactors at the nuclear power plant are 5 Christian men from the Fukushima First Baptist Church....
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God's Abundant GoodnessJanuary 2011

The furniture being replaced was custom-built for those rooms over 50 years ago – what a testament to the craftsmanship....
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A Warm Winter WelcomeJanuary 2011

Amid the blistering chill and snowfall students arrived back on campus this week ready to hit the books for another semester. The days have been.....
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Rounding SecondNovember 2010

If the academic year could be captured in baseball terms, students are "rounding second" as they finish up the first half of the year. With the Thanksgiving Break left .....
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No Small SacrificeNovember 2010

While making an arrest for deer poaching, Wildlife Conservation Officer and Alumnus David Grove, 31, was killed in the line of duty, Thursday, November 11th. In the midst of handcuffing .....
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The Cost of FreedomNovember 2010

He stressed to us at that time, “Freedom is not free, and during those memorials I recognized these men had paid the price for my freedom.” He went on to share how the price paid by those men for our freedom in the United States is a clear illustration.....
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Pricked HeartsNovember 2010

This Bible college campus is permeated with hearts that have been pricked by the Word of God. As we press toward the final hours of our missions conference the talk about world missions.....
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A Missions ChallengeNovember 2010

The focus of ABC’s Missions Conference was captured during our opening session this morning as Mr. Phil Peterson, Chair of the Missions Major, challenged those in attendance with five simple thoughts.....
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Homecoming Kick-OffOctober 2010

The evenings events were full of laughter and spontaneity as alumni tested their knowledge of ABC’s history in ABC Jeopardy. Questions like, “What was the cost of room and board in 1950?” or ....
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New El. Ed. BuildingSeptember 2010

The building was dedicated in honor of the late Brenda Barker (2005) and husband Dr. T.R. Barker who manifested the same passion and love for children that inspired....
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Back to the BeginningSeptember 2010

Appalachian Bible College is the only Bible or Christian college that has taken students to the Creation Museum. This is the first of many trips...
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A New YearSeptember 2010

The page has turned and the pen has begun to write the events of a new year at Appalachian Bible College. With over eighty new students and a strong returning body the campus was buzzing....
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Equipping the SaintsJuly 2010

There are few ministries that take an uncompromising stance on the authority of God's Word and even fewer who proclaim that stance boldly....
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Introspect: Our Core ValuesMay 2010

The following five Core Values define us.... Read Introspect

A Global GiftMay 2010

When a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile on February 27th, Temuco Bible Institute was counted among the wreckage. Upon hearing of the damage to the BI, ABC student body president....
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Graduation Day!May 2010

The conclusion of ABC’s 60th year of “educating and equipping servants” honored the class of 2010 as they turned their tassels on Saturday, May 8th....
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Mayor Honors Student BodyApril 2010

Mayor Pugh presented Student Council President, Jon Miller, with the City of Beckley Community Service Award and expressed his gratitude...
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Honoring Our SeniorsApril 2010

This was the highlight of the evening, the chance to honor the Seniors for their four years spent at ABC, learning and being an example to those behind them...
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Coal Mine Disaster TeamApril 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 prior to arriving at one of the darkest scenes in West Virginia's history, a team of Appalachian Bible College students and staff knelt in prayer.....
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Support through PrayerApril 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010 around 3pm an explosion occurred in the Upper Big Branch Mine located near the birthplace of ABC, Pettus, WV....
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PauseApril 2010

Pause, it is something few people do in today's culture. Sure we "pause" at a red light or let someone pass before us, but typically...
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ABC Changes B.A. Program to Offer Double Major in Four YearsMarch 2010

Appalachian Bible College (ABC), an accredited Bible college located in West Virginia, has restructured their baccalaureate degree program to let students earn two majors simultaneously. ...
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New Ministry Majors March 2010

Throughout the years God has orchestrated vital changes in the structure and offerings of Appalachian Bible College to allow us to meet the needs of the church of today while...
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Starting Fresh at 62March 2010

Retirement in today’s culture is seen as a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the daily routines of an unscheduled life. However, for servants like Walt Burch...
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Directives for Giving December 2009

It's just around the corner. What's holding up the traffic? Why doesn't that car turn? Am I ever going to get home? With Christmast just a few days away many...
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Warriors Train for Service September 2009

It was hot with the sun beating down for one of those especially humid days. It was also the first week of practice for our Warriors Athletics program. Thirty-six students, 14 women and 22 m...
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A Plea From the Pulpit October 2009

Have you ever walked through the doors of your local church and thought, "I wonder how God will challenge me today?" The thought leaves your mind as you greet friends and t...
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Loving the Strangers Among Us

Every year we deliberately interrupt our academic routine with a Missions Conference. It is an exciting time for us to turn attention to our Lord's Great Commission; "Go ye therefore, a...
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Alpine Ministries Newsletter April 2009

The first edition of the Alpine Ministries Newsletter...
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Students Serve Landowner March 2009

ABC is not only a place to learn about what it means to be a biblical servant leaders but it's also a place to attach feed and hands to that learning. the camping mino...
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