Returning Student Admission

We are excited that you are considering returning to ABC to complete your training for ministry. Below is information that will help you move through the process in a more timely manner. All graduates must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement prior to graduation.

Information required for admission:


If you have been away for less than four semesters you may print the Re-Application Form and mail it to the admissions office.

If you have been away for more than four semesters please complete the online Application. You will not be asked to re-submit ACT/SAT scores or high school transcripts.

An application fee is waived for all returning alumni, but the enrollment confirmation fee of $25.00 will still apply.

Character References

A current Pastor Reference Form must be submitted and provided from the applicant's pastor or youth pastor. In the event that the applicant’s pastor is their parent, another church leader may complete the reference form.

Test Scores

Test scores are used from the initial application of the returning alumnus. A new ACT or SAT may be provided if the returning student wants to increase his/her chances of reacceptance, or is trying to obtain a scholarship that requires a higher score than previously submitted to ABC. Either the SAT (code: 7305) or ACT (code: 4507) may be submitted as admissions requirements. The minimum ACT composite score is 17, and the minimum SAT composite score (CR+M+W) is 1230. A small percentage of prospective students who do not meet minimum academic standards may be provided with a provisional acceptance and placed into the HELPS program.


A copy of college transcripts is needed for only schools attended between the time frame of leaving ABC and returning to ABC. Transcripts received from the initial application are still valid and are kept on file by ABC for each student. If you did attend any schools or colleges during your time away from ABC please have the schools or colleges send official copies to the Admissions office. Click here for a transcript request form that may be used.

Medical Form

A new Medical Form must be filled out and submitted with the re-application process. Also, a TB Tine test must be submitted within 4 months of returning to ABC.

Application Process:

Application Review

Each application is submitted to the Director of Admissions and/or the Admissions Committee which consists of the Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Services, and Director of Admissions for evaluation. Once the application has been reviewed, the applicant will be notified by mail of the acceptance decision.

Initial Acceptance

Once all of the applicant’s paperwork has been submitted and the application has been favorably reviewed, the applicant is granted initial acceptance. This allows the student to enroll in classes and attend ABC.

Final Acceptance

Final Acceptance is granted once final transcripts are received from the applicant's high school and/or college with final grades and/or graduation dates. A deposit of $25 is also required for final acceptance. The deposit will be applied towards the applicant’s tuition. Final acceptance is needed for the applicant to receive financial aid.

Down Payment and Payment Options

Once the applicant arrives on campus, a down payment of $2,000 for dorm students or $1,250 for non-dorm students is required. Three payment options are available: full payment, delayed full payment, or monthly payments.

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