Financial Aid

The financial aid process can be overwhelming for a family with their first child entering college. It is important to realize that assistance is available. This is where the financial aid staff can be of assistance to families. Our desire is to educate families and students about financial aid. This includes forms to complete, deadlines to meet, resources to investigate, and scholarships to research. This is a process that will follow the student throughout their college career. The student must fulfill all the requirements annually in order to be considered for any kind of financial aid.

Currently 82% of students at ABC take advantage of financial aid. Students use a variety of resources to meet their educational costs here at ABC including federal aid, state aid, institutional aid, outside scholarships, parental assistance, church assistance, student employment and other types of assistance. In the financial aid office, we help students and their families realistically plan for the expenses they will face, while offering guidance concerning the various possibilities of resources that may be available to help them meet their educational costs.

Our desire is to encourage students and families while they are seeking God’s will for their lives. Crossroads Mall is within walking distance of the college, plus there are many employment opportunities right on campus. A combination of financial aid, plus your earnings from part-time jobs can assist you greatly in helping to fund your degree from ABC.

Our desire is to make the financial aid process go as smoothly as possible for those seeking to train for ministry at Appalachian Bible College. We feel that educating and encouraging our students and families is a step in the right direction to meeting this goal. It is a privilege to pray with and for our students that God will provide for the educational needs that they have and to rejoice with them when He does. If you have any questions concerning financial aid please contact our Financial Aid Office (800-678-9222, or

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