Top 10 Questions Asked by Parents

Helping your child select a college is an important decision. It's inevitable that you’ll find yourself with lots of questions during this process. We've compiled this list of answers to the most common questions we hear from parents. We welcome the opportunity to help your child grow spiritually and invite you to call us with any additional questions.

  1. How secure is the ABC campus?

    We are grateful to the Lord for our history of a safe campus environment. Our crime statistics are published in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act demonstrating we have had no serious or violent crimes on campus. We contract with a security company and have a professional security guard monitoring the campus at night. We lock our residence halls at curfew and have alarms on the entry doors. We have fire drills early in the semester in coordination with the area fire department. We have a rapid notification system that is able to send alerts by text, voice, email, fax, PDA, or Blackberry. Key staff members attend statewide safety conferences to keep current with available resources.

  2. Do you have a campus church?

    No, our students attend over 30 independent, fundamental churches in the area. This is in keeping with the mission of our school to support the local church. Our students serve in these churches and are in turn ministered to by the people in these congregations who help make their church a "home away from home" for the students.

  3. How do students select a church to attend?

    During the first four weeks at school the students visit area churches on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening – potentially visiting up to 12 different churches. We then ask them to choose a church and commit to attending there for the year. They also ask other students and staff for recommendations.

  4. Can a student have a car?

    Yes, any student may bring a vehicle. At present we have parking for all who want to have a vehicle on campus. There is a small fee for the sticker that informs security that this car is allowed to park overnight on campus.

  5. How do students without cars get to and from church?

    They ride with other students. The residence halls are a community that learns to care for each other and those with vehicles provide transportation for those without. They do this also for trips to Wal-Mart, the barber shop, or a state park.

  6. Can my child get a job on campus?

    Many students are employed on campus, typically making minimum wage (higher if in a supervisory position.) This money may be applied directly to their bill or they can receive it in cash. If they are not immediately hired at the beginning of the semester their application is kept on file and as positions open they have another opportunity to be employed. Students can also pursue employment in area businesses and job openings are posted on an information board. The area’s largest shopping mall is within walking distance of the school and employs many of our students.

  7. How can we visit our child during the school year?

    You do not need to contact our office. You may come and stay at the Alpine Lodge located on our campus (304-877-6427) or in an area hotel. There are a number of hotels at Exit 44 off I-77/64 in Beckley. Your child will let you know any required events they must attend and which days may not be the best for a visit. But parents are welcome to visit, sit in on classes, purchase meals in our dining hall, or take their child off campus. We do ask that you limit your visits at the beginning of a semester to allow your student to adjust to college life and develop a study routine. We have a Parents' / Grandparents' Day in April when you are encouraged to visit.

  8. How often can a student visit back home?

    Students can go home as often as they like with some restrictions. We ask that they not miss Sunday church services at their designated church more than 4 times a semester. They also are limited in how many classes they may miss each semester. And, of course, they need to study. We also have many planned activities for them to make their time at ABC memorable. Some of these activities are required events. Freshman in their first semester are asked to wait four weeks before visiting overnight back home. We have found this helps with their adjustment to the college schedule and the challenge of being away from home for perhaps the first time.

  9. What medical care is available?

    We have a medical clinic on campus staffed by a nurse who is in the clinic Monday – Friday till noon and available by phone 24/7. The Resident Assistants receive First Aid and CPR certification. There are two hospitals and two Med-Centers in the Beckley, WV area where students can go for emergency care. We also have a contract with the New River Clinic which has multiple sites in the area and provides appointments with a doctor for $7.50, free flue shots, and x-rays for $17.50.

  10. Who should I call if I have a question?

    Call the school switchboard at 800–678–9222 and they will direct your question to the proper division. For questions about student life, the residence halls, or health matters, ask for the Student Services Office or email For financial questions ask for the Business Office or email For questions about grades or classes ask for the Academic Office or email You may contact Dr. Anderson, ABC's President, directly if needed. He may be reached at the college phone number (800–678–9222) or you may email him at

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