Appalachian Bible College Student Prayer

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Words from somewhere a psalm, I think…the word truly is a beautiful, pure, holy thing. It is amazing how it rings true in my heart.

8:00 AM Bibliology with Mr. Rinker. He gets excited and waxes eloquent about the glory and the wonder of the Word of God; I love it when he does this.

9:00 AM Developmental Psychology with Mrs. Bethel. Exam review today. We will see a few glazed stares leaving the room.

10:00 AM Pauline Epistles II with Dr. Reiter. Between bursts of furious scribbling, I marvel at his ability to pack such a frightening volume of learning into forty minutes. I think my brain gets denser every class period. But somehow I am unable to complain about this.

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11:00 AM Chapel. I look forward to this, really. Today, though, the force of sleepiness is strong within me... The opening Scripture is Acts 20:24, "But none of these things move me..." Paul was facing almost certain persecution, possibly even death. But he didn't allow this to move him from finishing his course. Do I allow things to move me, when I ought to be single-minded and steadfast? Do I allow difficulties to take away my joy in serving the Lord? I leave chapel glad for the message and glad I was able to stay alert.

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12:00 PM My best friend and I sit down with Miss Parvin, our instructor and drama team coach. We talk about sentence structure and mass produced Jell-O. It's "frost your own cookie" day so I get one with violently pink frosting.

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12:40 PM Back at my room for my hour off. I decide to take a nap.

1:15 PM I wake up refreshed. It’s unseasonably warm for February, so I leave for my next class a little early. I sit in the sunshine outside Beukema Hall and write in my prayer journal.

2:30 PM Released from classes for the day! I walk to the campus post office. It turns out to be worth the walk, because today I get real mail, with stamps on it and everything!

2:45 PM Back in my room, I reply to a few e-mails from home, and then check the ABC campus web. The ABC forum contains a wealth of information, but most importantly, lots of opportunities for idleness. Student Council announces a movie night... good news from home for someone... the banana sock mystery gets solved... Morty Billingaurd gets a new lease on life (that's the twenty-fifth time this year)... but I decline to post replies to any of these. I should really get to work.

3:12 PM Commotion in the laundry room next door. Apparently someone just lost their quarters in one of the machines. I consider going in there and offering them new quarters so they don't have to bang on the machine any more. Noise dies down before this is necessary.

4:30 PM Sense of accomplishment. I finished some homework. I take the next fifteen minutes to recite my parts for Drama into the mirror.

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5:00 PM I go to dinner more for the socializing than the food. Good thing I ask who’s driving to church tonight, turns out to be me.

6:10 PM The girls and I head to the car. We catch six out of ten traffic lights on red. Seems like more. God saves us from a fender-bender at the last one, and we arrive at church a trifle on the tense side, but safe and thankful.

6:30 PM The girls leave with the AWANA kids. I pull out my book to read and wait for prayer meeting to begin.

6:55 PM David arrives. I'm happy to see him, and we talk for a little while.

7:00 PM Settle in for prayer meeting and Bible study. This is where I start to feel the relief of being halfway through the week.

8:10 PM Prayer meeting ends, and we visit for a while. David and I decide to study together later. I go to collect the girls from AWANA and am happy to hear they had a good evening.

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9:00 PM I change into jeans and go to meet David in the Servant Center. We spend the next hour and a half alternating between studying and talking. Tonight we talk a lot—we've been saving up all day.

10:15 PM Curfew approaches and we say goodnight. I hurry back to the dorm where it's nice and warm.

10:35 PM I pick back up where I left off on my homework …but this is slow going.

11:30 PM I give up and decide to go to bed... but this is also slow going.

11:58 PM I actually make it to bed.

12:04 AM Lights are off.

12:23 AM My roommate and I decide we'd better stop talking in the dark and actually get some sleep.

12:25 AM I try to organize tomorrow in my mind... but that lasts about two minutes and I'm asleep.