Appalachian Bible College Student Basketball Team

Appalachian Bible College Intercollegiate Athletic Philosophy

We are serious about godly character. We recognize that in our culture, sports play a large role in the lives of people of all ages. Therefore, we want to offer a program to our students that will give them a great opportunity to use their talents for Christ and to learn how to use athletics as a tool in their future ministries. We are aware that often athletics may become very dominant in our lives and often too high of a priority. Therefore, we will seek to provide a program that is properly balanced with our other responsibilities as servants of the Lord. We challenge all student athletes to use their talents for Christ and to always strive to demonstrate godly character in difficult circumstances. We believe there is great value in the experiences that our student athletes have while in competitive situations. We will strive to provide a quality program that will help our athletes mature in Christ.

Athletic Schedules

The ministry opportunities woven throughout the athletic season begin in practice and are carried onto the courts and fields of competition for the glory of God. Catch game summaries and updates on the Warriors Facebook page. Don't miss the excitement!

Intercollegiate Teams

The Athletic Department of Appalachian Bible College is very proud to be a part of the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association). Our athletes must all qualify and uphold the standards and requirements of this organization.

The intercollegiate sports that Appalachian Bible College offers to their students are Men's Soccer, Ladies Volleyball, and Men & Women's Basketball. Men's Soccer and Ladies Volleyball are participants in the NCCAA. Our Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams are presently not involved in the association but they play many of our region NCCAA schools and other small Bible Colleges. Our men’s basketball team is a participant in the Small Bible College National Tournament. We also have an intramural program for student involvement throughout the year.

There are 9 regions and 2 divisions in this organization. We are participants in the Mid-East Region, Division II. The schools whom we compete against in our region are as follows:

  • Ohio Christian University – Circleville, OH
  • The Crown College – Powell, TN
  • Freewill Baptist College – Nashville, TN
  • Johnson University – Knoxville, TN
  • Kentucky Christian University – Grayson, KY

EADA- Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Appalachian Bible College is required by the United States Department of Education information and provide to Congress a report on financial and statistical information on men’s and women’s collegiate sports. The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act is designed to make current and prospective students aware of the school’s commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities for its men and women students. The Department of Education has provided a web site This site provides data from thousands of colleges and universities in a convenient searchable form.

The directly access the information about Appalachian Bible College go to: Click on “Get data for one institution.” Type in Appalachian Bible College under “Name of Institution” and click on SEARCH.

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