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Philosophy of the Servant's Staff

Every college has a student handbook which defines life on campus. In other words, the rule book! Here at ABC we call ours the "Servant's Staff" because we see it as a tool, just like a shepherd's staff, to guide our students in becoming more effective servants of God and others.

It is our desire that the standards be a help to students, not a hindrance. As a result, finding the right balance on our campus is accomplished through compassionate guidance and a constructive approach to nurturing the student's character in light of God's Word. This begins with the Servant's Staff, which is organized around nine character qualities drawn from the Word of God. Each standard is listed under a character quality that is developed as a student obeys that standard. Those qualities are:

  • Humility
  • Virtue
  • Deference
  • Discernment
  • Courtesy
  • Orderliness
  • Stewardship
  • Hospitality
  • Responsibility

For instance, a standard about not damaging school property is listed under the character quality "stewardship", and a standard about curfew time is listed under "orderliness."

Occasionally, the intense atmosphere of college presents opportunities for counsel as character issues come to the surface. When a student violates a standard the student deans or the resident assistants will call the students attention to the character issue, as well as the reason and the Scriptural basis behind the importance of developing that character quality. When it is necessary the student deans will talk directly with a student concerning specific character issues. These talks are called "care-frontations". These are approached with care and compassion.

It is not our desire to point out every flaw in a student's life. It is common knowledge that we are all in the growing process. We also know not all standards in the Servant's Staff are based on the Bible. Some are necessary only because of our college setting. We are aware of the difference between God's standards and our college standards. It is exciting, however, to see the change that comes to young men and women when they are shown from God's Word why God wants them to change an area in their life. Sometimes the transformation is dramatic and life-altering. Our hope is that a student who comes to ABC for their college years will leave as an experienced, trained servant ready to be used by God.

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