Bible / Theology +1

What makes Appalachian Bible College rise to the top among accredited Bible colleges and Christian universities? An unwavering belief that, no matter your vocation, as a Christian you are called to know and apply God's Word. For this reason, each Bachelor of Arts recipient graduates with two majors—one in Bible and Theology, the other in the Ministry Major of your choice.

The ABC Advantage

A double major ensures that you will gain both the understanding of God's Word and the capability to apply its truths. The Bible / Theology Major stresses the mastery of essential Bible content and teaches the best in-depth Bible study skills, while the Ministry Major equips you for a life of practical ministry within a particular vocation.

The advantages of two majors:

  1. Your study of the Bible is not sacrificed for another field of study.
  2. You are better equipped to handle the Word of God in the ministry or vocation God places you.
  3. You are trained to carry out practical ministry responsibilities.
  4. You earn two majors for the price of one!

To further prepare servants for ministry, every Bachelor of Arts student will graduate with an internship and/or field experience.

What's Next?

Something BIG is coming to ABC